ICT Leadership in the 21st Century What Educator, Practitioners and Organisation decision maker should consider

Prepared jointly by: Ali Alao CEO Founder ePromaG Consultancy Ltd

Prof. Dr. Ezendu Ariwa University of Bedfordshire Department of Computer Science and Technology.

In all human interactions, services, business, management and engagement are directly or indirectly   ICT driven. In the last ten decades human race have experience advancement ICT and it has also led to an increase dependent on ICT to carry out our daily routine, even on issues and task that are mundane. Looking into impact of ICT from Continent Europe, US, Asia and Africa. There has being a big shift in ICT impact in all facet of life. Focusing on telecommunications- Telegram to Fax machine to Email, Telephone, Mobile phone,3G, 4G, Wireless Network, Dial up connection, ADSL broadband, WiMax Internet extranet communications i.e. voice over IP VOIP, Solar energy, Wind power, Hydroelectric to name few.  

  • Exploring ICT Practise in the institution and Industry
  • What are the key ingredients of transforming knowledge in 21st Century
  • In area of Hard and Software technology
  • Making the right decision when procuring ICT
  • Security policy in the advent of eavesdropping in rank of security agencies across the globe (NSA, GCHQ).
  • What senior management in organisation, decision makers must  consider before allocating budget  on  ICT
  • ICT Organisations Culture, Policy and Structure






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